WEST JAPAN JR BUS SERVICE The thrill of travel, made to order - The moment you board the bus, you know this will be a wonderful journey -

Heartwarming service and hospitality ensure a memorable journey filled with new discoveries and thrills.

As a member of the JR-West Group, we pride ourselves on offering a safe and comfortable journey with the highest quality of service.
Our stylish, large-capacity buses are equipped with everything to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey.

On long-distance trips, journeys lasting several days or club camp trips, one tends to need more luggage, and our buses are provided with capacious luggage compartments. Buses with television and karaoke equipment are also available, to make your journey fun.

2 wheelchairs loadable
High-decker bus [Capacity: 49 passengers](Including 9 jump seats)
Super-high decker bus [Capacity: 53 passengers](Including 8 jump seats)
High Decker Short Salon Tourist Bus [Capacity: 27 passengers]
Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Minibus (with 7 jump seats and 2 wheelchair spaces)[Capacity: 23 passengers]

Buses with a toilet are also available according to size of party, destination and purpose of journey.

Inquiries from overseas

Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd West Japan International Tourist Branch

Osaka-ekimae No. 4 Bldg. 5th floor, 4-11-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka, 530-0001 Japan


Business hours
10:00am - 5:30pm (Monday-Friday)

Nobuto Hirayama west_japan@nta.co.jp

Safety and peace of mind


The Mobileye system uses a video camera mounted on the windshield of the bus that constantly monitors and records dangerous driving, such as leaving too short a distance between vehicles, wandering steering, and getting too close to the vehicle ahead, and warns the driver of potential danger using a visual display and audio alarm.

Visual danger warning is displayed

Video drive recorder

An on-board camera constantly records video images that can be used to analyze the cause of collisions with other vehicles or other problems, and for training drivers.

Forward view

Automatic engine space fire extinguishing system

High-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system

If fire breaks out in the engine space, the fire detection system is activated and water containing fire extinguishing chemicals is sprayed into the engine space in mist form, extinguishing the fire by shutting off the supply of oxygen and lowering the temperature.
Simultaneously, the driver receives a warning that fire has broken out.

High-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system Water mist is sprayed into the engine space

Vehicle inspections

For your safety and peace of mind, we carry out painstaking vehicle inspections.
(Inspection work is undertaken by West Japan JR Bus)